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Women empowering women through leadership, allyship, mentorship,
and sponsorship.

October 30-31, 2020

It's the 1st Annual SHE Brilliance Party!

From the creators of International Slumber Party – The World’s 1st & Largest

On  Friday, October 30th – Saturday, October 31st, thousands of global women executives, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit, high potential and emerging leaders will come together for a one-of-a-kind virtual experience to celebrate and cultivate their leadership, brilliance, and divine purpose.

The event theme, “Diamond Power,” is a bold declaration of each woman’s commitment to affirm, support and uplift other women through leadership, allyship, mentorship, and sponsorship. It’s a party with a tremendous purpose to ensure women are fully represented in positions of leadership and power globally!

Does this sound like YOU or a high-performing Diamond woman you know?


she brilliance

ACTIVATE your Diamond Power in...

What's Happening at the SHE Brilliance Experience?

she brilliance panels

Purposeful Panels

You can expect an inclusive and safe space where the best and brightest diverse women leaders discuss everything from the societal disruptions of a global pandemic to equal pay for all women and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

she brilliance training

Training & Workshops

From main stage speakers to breakout sessions and how-to workshops, immerse yourself in topics that matter most to high-performing women all over the world.

she brilliance influencers

Celebrity & Influencer Talks

Experience conversational interviews, messages of encouragement and advice from some of your favorite and soon-to-be favorite celebrities and influencers.

she brilliance music

DJ Breaks

This IS a party, right?! Grab a glass of wine and meet us by the pool for dance music that you and your Sister Diamonds can move to!

she brilliance shop

Giveaways & Virtual Swag Bags

No one leaves the SHE Brilliance party empty-handed! We've curated some amazing products, services, digital coupons, and promo codes for you to enjoy after the party.


What’s on the hearts and minds of Sister Diamonds? Here are a few HOT TOPICS we plan to discuss: 
    • How to fix the ‘Broken Rung’: New approaches to the biggest obstacles women face on their path to senior leadership
    • How to prepare for management roles
    • How to strengthen your personal and professional relationships to maximize your success
    • Being the only woman or woman of color at the table or in a seat of power.
    • Women mobilizing their vote and collective voices to achieve full representation for women in government and business in 2021 and beyond
    • How to create a more equitable and equal world in business 
    • Changing the ‘mean girl’ narrative of women working together and leveraging their collective power


  • Creating a Winning Network
  • Mentorship Matters
  • Negotiating Your Next Win
  • The Art of Communication & Being Heard
  • The 5 Love Languages

Coaches & Speakers


Nicole LaBeach

Dr. Nicole LaBeach

Co-Founder, Sister Diamonds, LLC, Co-Executive Sponsor for The International Slumber Party
Crystal Khalil

Crystal Khalil

Co-Founder, Sister Diamonds, LLC, Co-Executive Sponsor for The International Slumber Party
Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols

Keynote Address | Founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc.
Mary Campbell

Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell

Current President of Spelman College


We're building an amazing party schedule, hour-by-hour. Coming soon.


Get your Diamond Access to the SHE Brilliance Experience!

DIAMOND General Admission

$ 99
  • Build, grow, and succeed at our party with tremendous purpose with other women leaders.

Diamond VIP Access

$ 149
  • Diamond VIP includes early access to flash coaching sessions, a pre-event wine tasting happy hour discussion, and more surprises.

Meet Our Non-Profit Partners

We are thrilled to partner again with Caring For Others, Inc. 

For over 20 years, Caring For Others has impacted communities around the world, providing life’s basic necessities to help individuals and families struggling with poverty.

Consider a donation in any amount to change a young lady’s life forever. Choose “SHE Brilliance” from the “Choose Program” dropdown.

Official Sponsors & Partners

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Diamond Moments

Inspired by the formation of precious diamonds under extreme pressure and intense heat, SHE Brilliance will celebrate, empower, engage, and cultivate its “Sister Diamonds”— a diverse mix of high-performance businesswomen, entrepreneurs and emerging talent who are closing the gender gap for women in leadership by focusing on Service, Humility, and Excellence (SHE) through leadership development, sponsorship, and mentoring. SHE Brilliance will provide supplemental and enhanced leadership development and spark an open and honest conversation about how women in positions of power can sponsor emerging female leaders in the workplace. After all, only a diamond can cut another diamond

September 11, 2020

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