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What is SHE Brilliance?

SHE Brilliance is a party with a purpose! Inspired by the formation of precious diamonds under extreme pressure and intense heat, the SHE Brilliance experience will celebrate, empower, engage, and cultivate its “Sister Diamonds”– a diverse mix of high performing business women, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit, high potential, and emerging leaders. At SHE Brilliance we’re committed to closing the gender gap for women in leadership by choosing to support one another through Service, Humility, and Excellence (SHE).

SHE Brilliance will develop leaders, spark open and honest dialogue, support women in positions of power to sponsor emerging and experienced female leaders, and elevate each other through leadership, allyship, mentorship, and sponsorship. SHE Brilliance is what happens when collectivism and illumination come together as one. It’s the type of party you’ve yet to experience, and one you don’t want to miss!


Why is SHE Brilliance Important For Women?

Despite being 52% of the population, women continue to be under-represented in leadership positions in every arena and at every level. While we absolutely need the support of leading men to change this narrative, the collective strength of women shining our lights by choosing and supporting other women is our critical super power.


According to the McKinsey Women-in-the Workplace 2019 Study:


  • About 1 in 5 C-suite executives are women—and only 1 in 25 C-suite executives are women of color.
  • The biggest obstacle women face is much earlier in the pipeline, than men – At the first step up to becoming a manager. Fixing this “broken rung” is the key to achieving parity.
  • For every 100 men promoted to manager, just 79 women are promoted. This gap in the promotion rate to manager is worse for women of color. Most notably, for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 58 are Black women.
  •  White Men Account for 72% of Corporate Leadership at 16 of the Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Of the 5,089 executives and senior officials at 16 of the Fortune 500 Companies, 80% are men.
  • The 2014 census data released by the federal government revealed the awareness and opportunity gap experienced by 1st Generation professionals equates to a $30,000/year salary loss compared to those who had college-educated, professional parents.

Our Vision

SHE Brilliance is a virtual experience for high performing female leaders and emerging talent that:

  • Celebrates the power and accomplishments of high performing female business leaders and entrepreneurs;

  • Fosters open communication regarding issues that affect women in business;

  • Facilitates mentor and sponsorship opportunities between a diverse group of emerging female talent and high performing women business leaders and entrepreneurs;

  • Bridges generational communication gaps amongst women;

  • Encourages greater support, compassion and empathy amongst women in the business arena;

  • Provides sustainable leadership products, services, and tools to manifest personal power, authenticity, and trust amongst peers;

  • Promotes networking opportunities between female entrepreneurs and high performing female leaders to promote greater access and opportunity in corporate environments and beyond.

  • Our Values

    Co-CEOs of Sister Diamonds, LLC and SHE Brilliance creators, Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach, embrace the unique experiences of women globally, and provide unparalleled, unique experiences that surprise, inspire, and delight.

    What We Know To Be True

    The alarming statistics prove that while women must work twice as hard to earn a seat at the table, simply exceeding performance is not enough to move up. Performance alone only accounts for 10% of your potential to move up in your career. When women have support through coaching, mentoring and sponsorship, it can narrow the advancement gap between women and men.

    Who Should Attend SHE Brilliance? 

    SHE Brilliance promises to provide transformative content for high potential, driven women at all stages in their career.

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